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Dear Adrian,

Well I certainly didn't expect you do that, thank you. do please let me know how much to pay for items postage etc.

I am so impressed by the outstanding service you have given throughout the entire process of buying the Morris, it far surpasses any other car purchase I have had, thank you so very much.  I have absolutely no qualms at all recommending the company to any one. 

Thank you again,

Warm regards,



Chris Lawrence came to visit us from Australia and was given a tour of the workshops by Adrain Fry. This is what he had to say in his blogg about the day.

Our itinerary now took all six of us north to Stoke-on-Trent, leaving our home-base of Exmouth. Before doing so, we first had the small task of collecting a hire car for Naomi and I to drive. After filling-in several forms promising that we would be perfect drivers, it was then up to me to put my observations of British traffic rules and behaviour into practise. My first challenge, however, was found in figuring out the spaceship we had just been handed. Firstly, the key was missing a metal prong and was docked in an ignition that you pushed rather than turned. There were a series of cup-holders where a handbrake should have been, which instead took the form of a small switch located beside the gearstick, complying only when specific conditions were met. Reverse was hidden under first gear and accessed by committing the age-old sin of putting downward pressure on the gearstick. The most confidence-shattering discovery though, was finding the indicator stalk mounted on the wrong side of the steering wheel. After following behind Graham for only a couple of blocks, I felt like a nervous 17 year-old L-plater all over again, particularly with the trickle of encouraging yet tense input now coming from the passenger seat beside me. Before long, I found myself hoping that the other drivers on the road would simply recognise that a short burst of windscreen wipers meant that I wanted to change lanes. I have secretly been looking for evidence to support the old 'Whinging Pom' stereotype since arriving in the UK and I finally found it on the motorway.

One of the absolutely unmissable opportunities for me in visiting the UK has been to visit the Charles Wares Morris Minor Centre in Bristol on the way to Stoke-on-Trent. Here, my confidence around cars was restored a thousand times over as we were proudly treated to a grand tour of the premises. Like a burglar who had suddenly found an easy way into the jackpot of all jewellery shops, I flitted from vehicle to vehicle, wide-eyed and awe-struck. Adrian, a bloke who has worked in the place for over 35 years, walked us through several restoration and mechanics workshops, where Morries in various stages of disrepair and glorification were fussed over. After purchasing the latest catalogue and several airport-safe parts, I moved to a cabinet of assorted souvenirs in the foyer and cleaned that out as well. I am now openly confident that I will be the only person in Australia to own a pair of Morris Minor socks. To follow-through on a promise I made to the manager of this inspiring establishment, I present the following shameless plug:

You too can experience some of the Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre by visiting or by speaking to any of their friendly staff on 0117 3003754.

Needless to say, we checked-in to our hotel in Stoke fairly late, and after a nice meal in the hotel's restaurant, we could ask no more of the kids who were beginning to shut-down. Naomi, Graham and Alison went on to touch-base with some of Nai's relies who simply couldn't wait to make contact with her. When we all reanimate tomorrow morning, the reunion will continue...


Dear Tim and Andy

The conversion has obviously made a different car from the "former model" and we were very pleased and impressed with the standard of workmanship and care that was taken by all those who carried out the work. The attention to detail you paid to all aspects, including repairs to the underside, with odd rattles etc that had been there previously now corrected in the process. We feel that your company deserves all the welalth of praise and comments that you recieve in the press and publications surrounding the Morris Minor world. Following the recent conversion and repairs to our car, we felt that we should write and thank you for the excellent work you and your team carried out.

We wish you all the very best for the future of your company. As you are now celebrating your 35th anniversary we would like to offer a little something in appreciation of a fine job" Vicky & Geoff, 2011





Dear Tim,

Although you know how delighted I am at the quality of the restoration that you have recently carried out on my Morris Minor (known to the family as "Beryl" for the 29 years during which it, or rather "she", has been in our possesion), I wanted to express my thanks in writing. The car looks quite superb; it is a pleasure to look at with its deep, shiny and flawless paintwork, and to drive without risk (which arose recently) of the doors opening on roundabouts!

She is almost certainly in an even better state than on the day she first emerged from the Cowley factory back in 1967. Neighbours and friends have expressed their admiration too, along with their delight that the car is good for another 30 years. I have the feeling that when we move house, as we plan to do in the near future, they will miss the car more than they do us! But this is probably not an uncommom fate for Morris Minor owners.

As well as expressing my thanks for the restoration work, I felt that a letter from me was long overdue to express my appreciation of the care which you have put into looking after Beryl in the many years (21 I think) since we first came to you. I have always been struck by the friendliness, honesty and thoroughness of the service which you have provided. I have never had any sense of being pressed into un-necessary expenditure; your clear priority has always been directed towards keeping "Beryl" safely and economically on the road. I have never had the slightest difficulty in explaining to friends (all of whom drive modern and less sustainable cars) why I take my car all the way down to Bristol to be serviced. In short, I have always felt able to place complete trust in you and your colleagues.

Thank you again to you, to Andy, to your team and of course to Mr. Ware for the excellent service that you have provided. I wish you and your business well for the future, as you know that hundreds of your customers do too, and I look forward to many more years of association with you.

Yours sincerely


(St. Albans, Herts)


Hi Tim

          I thought I'd drop you a quick message to say thank you to you and your team for the work done on my traveller. The underside does certainly look so much better for it. Also, with the benefit of hindsight, the replacement of the front suspension was the right idea.

The handling and the general feel of it is so much better. And no more clonking. Brilliant!

Again , Many thanks

Phil, 2011


"I must say it has been a genuine pleasure in dealing with all of you. I can see why the product and company are successful. The personal attention and overall competance are a rare combination today." Lindsay Gordon, 2011


"Andy, and all the team,

Very many thanks for all you did yesterday, and in all the work in doing the car.
Yesterday we did travel back on the A46, but it took a long time! We did stop for lunch, but it was so comfortable in the Morris.
It already has a nickname, the roller skate, it goes into roundabouts on rails!!
Last night it got a lot of attention, and won its class, a great big cup!! 
There were a lot of Morris Minor people there, and they thought you had done a great job,

Keep up the good work, and thank all of the staff for me. " Malcolm, 2011 


" My Morris still gives me an enormous amount of pleasure and I am constantly being stopped by folks who want to talk about "her". I always give CWMMC a big billing. Last week it was a crowd of American golfers in North Berwick High Street armed with cameras."  Pamela, 2011

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