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Carfest North 2012


                 Charles Ware's had double representation at Chris Evan's Carfest North 2012. We took a Rebuilt Porcelain Green Traveller, a gazebo and some sunshine. While on the main stage Zac Ware (son of Charles and now running the company) played electric guitar with The Proclaimers on saturday night. 

After watching the whole of The Proclaimers set on the saturday night and Zac talking to him about the Morris Minor Centre, Chris Evans and his son came to visit the stall on the sunday morning as we were setting up. He had a close look at the car and asked about the engine and gearbox conversion and was impressed by the extra "poke" that a 1275cc and 5 speed box would add for motorway cruising. He loved the Porcelain Green respray and his son tested the Series III duotone seats and got behind the wheel. Chris said that he'd owned a few moggies over the years and was reminded of taking his soft top onto Top Gear because "no-one would think a bad boy would drive one of these [Morris Minors]".


The Traveller itself turned many heads with its new timber, complete chassis rebuild, interior/exterior re-spray and full new duotone trim. The extras on the car also included alternator, disc brakes and servo, heated rear windows, hazard and reverse lights, as well as the power train upgrade. Many of the visitors to our stand commentated on the quality of the work they saw, while others said they prefered the humble Minor to many of the Ferraris and supercars that where vying for attention.

Thanks again to Gilly Pollock From The British Plant Nursery Guide who also came to the show and brought along some plants and bunting and made our stand look as though we were at a 50's picnic.


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