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1957 Black 4 Door Saloon with Maroon Trim


As we were test driving this car an old gent came up to us and said “This is a very fine looking specimen”.  We have to agree.  With its 1098cc engine finely tuned and high ratio differential this car takes the hills of Bath as if they were the straights of Norfolk. It holds the road excellently due to the telescopic suspension upgrades and anti-roll bar that has been fitted making it perfect for every day, about town use in a hilly area.

For those that want that touch of early authenticity this vehicle comes with fully working trafficator indicator arms activated by the peardrop switch beneath the dashboard.  It has also had normal flashing indicators fitted with the indicator lever switch on the steering column.  Tastefully hidden in the dash is a CD/Radio with an auxiliary cable for a phone or MP3 player.

It benefits from a number of other upgrades.  Classic Door mirrors have been fitted. Also included are servo assisted disk brakes, halogen headlamps, front and rear inertia seatbelts, whilst an alternator and electronic ignition gives the vehicle additional reliability.  For security there is a battery cut out switch.  The engine itself has been upgraded from the original 948cc.

The maroon/red interior is original but for the upgraded half hide leather seats with headrests, while the carpets have recently been replaced.  The chassis is solid and will have a waxoyl injection for protection.

Price £10,950

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