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engine_side_2_webThe Morris Minor has a simple Electro-mechanical specification of legendary reliability and returns a level of mechanical efficiency seldom experienced by owners of new or second-hand modern cars.

It is difficult to give average costs for mechanical overhauls. Assuming the engine and gearbox are in fair working order a regularly used car could need £325 in parts and labour. A car that has been off the road for some time or badly maintained may need over £1,500.

Most owners worry about the engine, our advice is that unless it is using gallons of oil or is extremely noisy - don't worry. The 'A' series always gives ample warning before it packs up!

The common items that can fail without much warning are usually old electrical parts that may well have been on the car for twenty years or more.

Our mechanics regularly have to rebuild engines, gearboxes and even drum brakes.

Some common items for the maintenance of your Minor 

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